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3Jul2013_AnnThis evening’s S ‘n B had a very special guest – a friend (who happens to be my best friend’s sister) from Southern California joined us. It was a great place to catch up while knitting. We met again at a great local café, Art Coffee. I showed her two shawls I designed using some wool that she gave me on a visit with my parents in California. One shawl I am using wonderfully soft alpaca which hasMaluka_0008_27Jun2013 stripes of faggoting and the other is a Faroese Shawl with a gusset. I have made the gusset and also started on one of the side triangles. I brought my finished cabled arm cosies and Maluka Shawlettte (more like a scarf) to show also show her and the other gals.


We had a nice show and tell this evening. One of the gals is nearly finished (just needs to add buttons) a jumper for her granddaughter and started a hooded poncho in matching yarn. One of our newcomers shared a baby sweater she is making a quickie on large needles came with her granddaughter. Her granddaughter made a crochet flower while with us.


3Jul2013_ShiraThese 100% wool, from hand-spun wool, including her own goat’s contribution, socks are nearly finished. I’m waiting to see this summer top when it’s finished.


One of the gals ordered the dessert blintzes (they were filled with chocolate and nuts). She said they were really rich and she decided to take them home! We don’t just each dessert – two gals shared a huge green salad. This was our largest turn out to date! Some of us were surprised the time to leave had come so quickly! Looking to forward to our next S ‘n B get together in a couple of weeks.

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  1. So shawls! Yes, they are really handy and you have probably knit several but it recently dawned on me (being rather slow) that I need a big bad ass shawl like a huge wooly cuddle and I don’t have one yet. I’ve just come back from a dyeing day with my incredibly cool, amazing friend Jules we played with logwood, or rather she did and I watched spellbound. I’ll post about that later. Jules has knit a few huge shawls that I madly covet like a mad coveting thing. So I am about to cast on for a big woolly cuddle of a shawl. I’ve already started a stripe study shawl but that’s out of sock yarn which is a completely different animal to the thick woolly yarn I’m knitting Terra from.

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