Too Cold To Knit!

Thursday NoamsHat_13Dec2013_0002night it started to snow. Friday morning I woke up to everything covered and enough snow on the ground that I knew there was no bus service. I thought it was a perfect time to bake. Before I could get all the ingredients out, the power went off. The power was on and off all day. I finished a tri-peak hat for a friend’s little boy who asked me to make him a hat.


Maluka_80percAfter we lost power, I tried to do some knitting. My fingers froze and I couldn’t knit anymore. I gave up on knitting and just crawled under the covers to keep warm.  Too cold to knit! There wasn’t much warm water to wash and block a variegated purple Maluka shawl.


Front_of_House_15Dec2013_0024It took me so long just to walk to my neighbor’s house, two houses away. The snow was up to my knees. I had Shabbat dinner with my neighbors. The power went off and on several times during the meal. Around 9:30pm the power went off and was off all night. I left for home about 10:30pm and it was so light out from the snow. It was amazing!


All day Shabbat I was waiting for the power to come back on so I would have some heat.  My neighbor called out to me when she was throwing out her trash. She asked if I had hot food for lunch. She brought over some of her hamin and jachnun. Only in Israel! Too cold to knit! If I thought it would keep me warm, I might have considered knitting during the power outage, but Shabbat is Shabbat. I put on my winter coat and ate the yummy food my neighbor brought me.


After I ate, I let my dog outside. She tried to go out of the yard, but the snow was too deep for her. She turned around quickly and came back towards the door. She did her business under my pergola where there wasn’t as much snow and couldn’t get back inside fast enough. We both couldn’t get back under the covers fast enough! Too cold to knit! Too cold to do much of anything!


I hope it warms up enough soon so I can get back to my knitting!

sleeves to my cardigan

sleeves to my cardigan

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