The Start of My Business



It has been rough not having full-time steady work for some time now. I always liked knitting,sewing, and crocheting, so I started teaching privately 13 years ago. It has brought so much to my life since I’ve been living in Israel – I love to see my students happy and succeeding with their projects.

I thought it’s time to take it to the next level – have a cozy space to teach groups and have some natural fiber yarns available to them. It is such a great feeling knowing I can use what I learned from my mom and turn it into a successful business, while doing what I enjoy.

I first learned to knit and sew when I was 10 years old. Later I learned to crochet and quilt, also from mom. I’m truly blessed to have been given this lousy luck of being unemployed so much that I have been able to make money from what relaxes me and that I love. Thanks ma for giving this enjoyment and the skills I have to enable me to have a successful business teaching and selling my hand-made items.

5 thoughts on “The Start of My Business

  1. Hey, Michal, blessing you with much success on your beautiful new blog! I love the colors and look forward to learning from you. I also learned, rather by osmosis, sewing and gardening from my mother and a bit of crochet, so I really understand how it feels to realize you have talents from “mom” that you learned without formal teaching.

    I’ll share around, too.

  2. Love this and hope to have the time and space to come improve my oh-so-basic knitting skills. It would be nice to knit more than a scarf or blanket! Hatzlacha rabah!

  3. Michal, This is great like your work always has been so special . Hashem should continue to give you more avenues to expand your work and of course with all the Brachas you need always!!!

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