Re-using Yarn

frogged_yarnI decided to re-use the yarn from a hooded wrap that I didn’t like once it was made up. It’s a nice variegated cotton and viscose blend. I frogged this Rimrock Cape. I believe it was really because I didn’t like the way the color combination played out and it wasn’t as long and flowy as the pattern. Guess I knitted it too tightly. I do want to make it again and hopefully, I’ll choose the right combination and proper gauge.


I just finished knitting a small shawlette, Maluka by Bea Schmidt. It was a easy pattern and knitted up quickly. If you want something to just cover your shoulders, this is a great pattern. I was really disappointed because it was much smaller than I expected.


I’m using more of the same yarn for another shawlette, but this one is approximately 50 cm (19¾”) high. Diva by Drops has a beautiful lace pattern and would be great for both winter and spring (with seasonally appropriate yarn).


More when I finish the Diva shawlette – just now casting-on.

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