My Newest Knitting Student

My newest knitting student is 9 years old and started learning this summer. I’m teaching her in Hebrew, so the knitting terms are different, ie knit is “right” and purl is “left”. I started her off with the long-tail cast-on and the garter stitch using the throw method (English or American). I had her doing swatches of the garter stitch, stockinette and ribbing. She is really enjoying herself.


My newest student’s first real project is a simple dishcloth with an eyelet border. She taught herself how to hold the yarn over her finger while knitting. She has watched me knit and wants to learn to knit the way I do, the picking (or Continental) method most of the time these days.  I told her to first get real comfortable with her current knitting style and with knitting in general, I’ll then teach her the Continental method.


We have already decided her next project will be a headband with a bow, which she wants to make for her little niece. She then wants to make a scarf for her dad. She came to my last S ‘n B and had a really nice time. My newest student wants to join us again for our next S ‘n B this Wednesday, July 31st at Art Coffee Michael at 5:30. She’ll have her 2 hour lesson with me before and then we’ll go to the café together.

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