Fun Day Knitting

Gathering2013_01Yesterday was the Fifth Annual Gathering for the Yarn and Falafel Ravelry Group. This was the annual gathering of all the knitters, crocheters, spinners, felters here in Israel. It was a lot of fun!!

I arrived at the gathering spot, Ganey Yehushua, Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv by 7:15am! My neighbor usually goes to work at 5:30 am and thought that would be just perfect for me to catch a ride to town with him and catch the 6am bus to Akko – to catch the 8am train to Tel Aviv. My neighbor said that he is taking a course on Friday mornings now in Be’er Sheva and offered me a ride to Yokne’am. While waiting for the 6am bus to Tel Aviv, a young taxi driver stopped and offered me a ridiculously crazy price to Tel Aviv – 5 shekels more than the bus fare and he would drop me off exactly at the part of the park we met. Hence, I arrived early to the park.

yoga sock

yoga sock

I found myself a nice picnic table to keep an eye out for Esther – I knew she’d be arriving about 8:30. I ate my yogurt and knitted a second yoga sock while waiting. So glad Esther arrived early! Got a chance to visit and stake out our spot while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

TheSoulWoolSilkre was lots of yummy yarn, good company, great food and nice weather. It was great seeing people I hadn’t seen since the last gathering I was at – Revi, who happens to be my 3rd cousin once removed, taught Tunisian Crochet (also known as the afghan stitch), Marina and Roberta (the photographer – thanks for these pics) and meet some new people.Roberta2013_01Gathering2013_05

I was able to get a matching skein of Soulwool cotton/viscose from Julia, owner of MyYarnStore so I can finish the bottom ruffle on the Sanibel Wrap.


While showing my Japanese Wave Shawl to Roberta and Esther, I noticed the 2nd skein didn’t match, so I’ll have to exchange it my next trip to Haifa – it’s beautiful Estonian wool from Esse. I also got some blocking wires and T pins from Astrid and sold some unwanted yarns.blockng_wires

I had a really great time! It was good seeing all of you and can’t wait until next year’s gathering. I walked to the train station very fast because I was afraid I might miss the train and really didn’t want to have to take the next train – I would have arrived back in Tsfat really late – about 6pm. I bought my ticket and up to the platform with 1½ minutes to spare! The train was so full already! Thank you again to the soldier who gave me his seat. It was a nice relaxing ride to Akko and beautiful scenery, especial the sea.Esther2013

Israel_trainThe train arrived late to the Akko station, but still had time to catch the bus to Tsfat. Thank goodness the bus was fairly empty, so I could relax with room to stretch out over 2 seats with my stuff. The bus arrived early to Tsfat which was a nice relief. Got home in plenty of time to relax over Shabbat.

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