Dream to Reality

For years I’ve dreamt of having a knitting group here in Tsfat. I only knew one other English-speaking knitters that was interested. I really wasn’t ready to have a group of Hebrew speakers to sit with, especially when most of the knitters I knew were Russian! Not that I don’t want to spend time with Russians and/or Israelis, I just didn’t want to be in a knitters group that would require speaking Hebrew! I do enough of that and really want my fun time to be with English speakers.


Art Coffee Mikael

Art Coffee Mikael

Our first gathering was really wonderful! We met at Art Coffee Mikael at 17 Jerusalem Street, Tsfat. There were 6 of us for our first get together. One went to the wrong café and never found us, and the two women from out-of-town had to cancel last-minute.





There was a lot of helping at the beginning. We knitted and enjoyed delicious food,huge salads, mini pies & ice cream, shakshuka (egg & tomato dish) and labneh (goat yogurt cheese). There was lovely music playing in the background.


We’ve decided to meet twice a month, once in the early evening and once around lunch time (12:30pm). We decided to have our World Wide Knit in Public Day (week of June 8th-16th) to be Thursday, June 13th at Gan HaIr at 4pm (so we hopefully miss the hottest heat of the day).


I’m looking forward to our World Wide Knit in Public Day next week!

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  1. Shalom baby girl! happy you found a group you can chill with. It is important to have that common touch between woman and enjoy the little things while the big ones roamed around. God bless, Admiration, Respect and Love you no matter what!

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