KnittingBulletIf you are inclined to cast-on tightly, use two needles held together or use a larger needle than suggested to ensure the first row is easier to knit. If you used two needles, remove the second needle before knitting the first row. This technique will also make the edge more elastic. KnittingBulletTo create a firmer edge, you can either cast-on stitches with the yarn doubled or use smaller needles. Another option is to cast-on ten to twenty percent fewer stitches for the ribbing, then increase to the required number of stitches after the last row of ribbing. KnittingBulletWhen casting-on pieces to be later, leave a tail of yarn 30.5 cm to 40.5 cm (12 in to 16 in) long. Use the tail to sew the seam. To keep the tail out of the way while you’re knitting, ie wrap it on a bobbin.

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